Pricing and Services


We like to give clear expectations, and work within your budget. So below is a general guideline as to what we charge. To get more specific, and to create a budget proposal, contact us via our form.

Technology Consultation Costs

We have been doing consultation for over twenty years with a wide-range of experiences. Below is our rates. If you have a question on pricing, please contact us!

Workstation / Web

$90.00 per hour
$50.00 per hour (remote work)

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Configuration

Network Configuration

$125.00 per hour
$50.00 per hour (remote work)

  • Internet Access/Security for Multiple Computers
  • Sharing Data and Printing with Multiple Computers
  • Multiple User/Printer Administration
  • Data Access from Outside the Office
  • Allowing Multiple Offices/Cities to Share Data

Prepay, No Contract

$75.00 per hour (all services)
$35.00 per hour (remote)

  • Prepaid - works like a prepaid credit card
  • Expires in 1 year
  • Minimum purchase 10hrs

Web Development Costs

We make fantastic websites that suit your business needs and your budget. But what can you get with what you have? The below table will help you determine your needs and the associated costs. These are only estimates, of course!

Category Pricing   ↓
Basic Site - Small Business Startup! Includes:

  • Your own web address
  • Your own mobile-friendly, single page website
  • Personalized email for you and employees - in most cases
$500.00 - one time fee
Value Site - Includes:

  • Your own mobile-friendly website
  • Four *static* web pages - (i.e. Home page, About page...)
  • A web console where you can change content
  • Personalized email for you and employees - in most cases
  • See below for more options to add...
$1500.00 - one time fee
Create my existing website so I can update it. Contact us for quote!
I need help changing content on my website. Contact us for quote!
I have no images and need help creating them. Contact us for quote!
I have videos or sound recordings to add. Contact us for quote!
I'd like a shopping cart. Contact us for quote!
Protect my website all the time. add half and hour a week (price depends on rate)
I'd like yearly web admin services to answer forms as an employee or update social media. Contact us for quote!
I need to create documents, spreadsheets, or databases into a web-based solution. Easy! Contact us for quote