All About Us


Who I Am

I am a certified Data Analyst and Developer that has more than 20 years of experience handling medium to enterprise-level business data needs - ranging from the "traveling" side of data (networking) to analyzing business data using data analytical tools. These tools can present to you instant information about your business profitability and workflow. The presentation of this data can be anything from a friendly interactive bar chart, to a report for those needing a more statistical analysis, or even future predictions and what-if scenarios to help meet future enterprise goals. In addition, I am committed to work, and I'm constantly driven to learn new and exciting aspects of data analytics. Top that with integrity and it's like a delightful brown sugar cinnamin topping on top of cooked pears.

What Do I Do Exactly?

I develop customized interactive data analysis reports and interactive visualizations (bar charts, scatter plots, pie charts) that are public (web) or private (within your enterprise) that custom fit your business so you can make business decisions quickly. But, what makes me different is my experience with computer networking. (That means I can help your device safely find your information and reports.) Need some examples? View my online resume at

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