All About Us


Who We Are

We are simple family folk who make our living as web programmers and certified network technicians. We have more than 20 years of experience handling small to medium business computer needs. Top that with integrity, and it's like a delightful brown sugar cinnamin topping on top of cooked pears.

What Do We Do Exactly?

We make fantastic websites that suit your business and budget needs. But, what makes us different is our knowledge of computer networking. That means we can help your workstations find your information, help your handheld devices pull up your data, assist you in securing it all, and at the same time build a website that will draw more customers. Ultimately it's an investment that pays for itself, often sooner rather than later. And, we do make a fantastic cup of coffee (which goes great with the dessert above... but unfortunately not a service we provide.)

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